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Sunset Cliffs Engagement Shoot in San Diego

Nothing excites me more than an engagement session in a new location with a wonderful couple!! When Crystal and Daniel told me they wanted their engagement photos to take place at the Sunset Cliffs just outside of San Diego, I was PUMPED. Living in Los Angeles couples typically want to shoot closer to downtown or head up to Malibu (which duh it's gorgeous there), so it's easy to understand my excitement to travel further south.

When I tell you this location is unlike any other beach I've shot at.. I fully understand the name "Sunset Cliffs" after shooting there during golden hour! The cliffs themselves were gorgeous and I found myself wanting to run all around to shoot in every spot I found, then the overlook of the water itself and the setting sun was just BEAUTIFUL. Crystal wore the perfect warm colored dress to compliment the sunset, and really helped bring out the colors around us. Truly I was just in awe the whole time - scroll down and see why for yourself!!

couple on sunset cliffs in san diego

Bring Personality to Your Engagement Session

I always tell my couples when we're planning their engagement session it bring any props or items that are personal to them and would bring a sweet story telling aspect to their photos! Crystal and Daniel delivered on that and brought a guitar and some wine for a romantic sunset date on the San Diego cliffs. This was also a great way to start off the session as it eased any stress or anxiety they had about having photos done (because let's be honest, for most people this is their first time having professional photos done). If you're feeling anxious about your upcoming session, bring props!! Remember this is about YOU and should speak that in your photos.

couple on sunset cliffs in san diego

Planning Your Golden Hour Engagement Session

Easily the most popular time of the day to take photos, and for good reason. Typically a half hour being sunset, golden hour gives the perfect soft and warm light that everyone lusts over for their photos. Of course sadly it's not always guaranteed as weather is never 100% predictable and somedays you wont have a cloudless sky for that classic sunset. I make sure to prep my couples for this, but ensure no matter what they're going to get the photos of their dreams. Another key aspect to achieving that romantic look is the outfit. Plan to wear soft and neutral colors as to work with the sunset, and be as casual or formal as you want! I offer two outfits for all of my engagement sessions, to give couples the opportunity to do both and get the most out of our time together. Just make sure it's comfortable and you can move easily, especially if your location is going to require a bit of walking.

couples hand with engagement ring

Let's Book Your Engagement Session!

Are you wanting your own golden hour engagement session like this? Do you value the story photographs tell and want to tell your love story? So do I! Capturing and sharing couples love stories is my jam and I want to do that for you. Let's get together and discuss your vision - and make it a reality. You can find my contact form HERE and easily get in touch with me! I can't wait to meet you!

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