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Romantic Engagement Photos at the San Clemente Beach

I've always been a fan of the Malibu beaches - and always will be - but there's something about the San Clemente beach that really called to me during this engagement session with Nicole and Nate. I really loved the unique terrain and quiet beach, and the way the sun set over the water created such a warm and romantic feeling! We started out our afternoon in the cliffside of this Southern California beach, where Nicole wore the sweetest white dress. It gave off the perfect engagement atmosphere, especially with the simple yet beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The beach is easy to access from the parking lot, no steep hill to climb down (or back up!) and even free parking. There were multiple access points to the beach and around the hills, which made it easy to explore knowing any direction lead us the way we wanted to go. Even during the summer this beach was fairly empty, giving us the perfect space to work with. We were able to walk around and checkout the hillside without fear of people and could easily just enjoy the time together and let the day flow.

It's truly a joy to be able to celebrate two people who are so deeply in love with each other. These two were no exception, and it clearly shows in their photos!! I live for engagement sessions like this where the couple feels so comfortable with each other and able to let the poses happen naturally and without stress. That's when the true magic happens and the memories are preserved.

After we were done in the cliffs and happy with that area, Nicole changed and we went down to the beach. We went for a more casual feeling for the beach, in the classic white shirt and denim jeans outfit! This is one of my go-to outfit choices for couples, since most people already have this combo in their closest and it photographs so well. You can still create a timeless and romantic tone while being comfy and casual. Can't beat that!!

As the sun set it gave us the perfect glow. The colors this beach turned throughout the evening is unbeatable and magical. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to end the day!

If you're looking for a dreamy and romantic engagement session like this, and love the beach as much as I do, let's chat!! Send me an inquiry and we'll get your memories captured!

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