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Rachel W || Portrait Photography || Los Angeles, California Photography

Going to the beach always gives my mind and body a reset, and being able to go to take pictures makes it even better! I am so happy we have already had such nice weather here in Southern California. When Rachel said she wanted to head to Will Rodgers State Beach I was so excited! I haven't shot at that beach yet, so I was eager to check it out. We found the perfect spot away from everyone else after climbing down a small hill of rocks. It felt like our own personal beach! Rachel mentioned being a bit nervous, as she hasn't had proper photos taken in years. I honestly enjoyed the challenge of making sure she felt comfortable, and working hard to give her photos she would be proud to share. We were able to have a wonderful time and she absolutely loved the pictures! I always get excited when clients share my work, but this one felt extra special since she had been more nervous than most beforehand. Please checkout her full session below!

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