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Minimal Elopement at Santa Monica Pier

One of my favorite parts about elopements is how intimate and personal they are for the couple. Less demanding and taxing than the 'typical' wedding, but can still be just as fun! When you elope you have the opportunity to go anywhere, invite as many or as little witnesses, and what some consider the best part - spend way less on the entire celebration! But that's what this is, a celebration of YOU in the most you way possible. That's exactly what Kristen and Josh did when they traveled to Santa Monica for their small and intimate elopement!

Kristen and Josh LOVE the beach, especially the gorgeous Santa Monica beaches and the pier. It was one of the first places I visited when I first came out to LA, so for me it was so exciting to celebrate two wonderful people in such a special place! I found the perfect spot for them right by the cliffside overlooking the water and away from most people to keep it as quiet and intimate as we could. The overcast day was in our favor, giving us a clear view without any sun glaring in our faces. Just a perfect beach day!

The love these two share was clear to everyone around, and I felt so honored to be able to witness it. After their sweet ceremony we got their family photos, and just look at ones with their adorable son Griffin! Such a sweetheart and was actually awake for most of the time!

Once we got the those done, I whisked the couple away for their portraits and some sweet alone time after being freshly married! I'll be honest, this is my favorite part of any elopement/wedding. I love getting those tender moments between the couple, where any stress or pressure from the day melts away for a little. They asked for lots of palm trees and street photos, as they love the more urban side of the area as well. I loved that mix of the two types of scenery, and just how rich all their photos turned out. It was the perfect end to a perfect day for these two newlyweds!

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