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How To Pose For Your Session

Without missing a beat, one of the first things most couples tell me is that they don't know how to pose and that they'll be awkward during our time together. Almost everyone feels this way and that's totally normal! But trust me when I say that it will not be the case for us. My goal for every session is for you to feel like yourself and be totally comfortable. I realized after a while I tend to tell my couples the same few prompts for posing, and that I can create this guide to help you be more prepared BEFORE we even start! Meaning more time having a blast shooting and less time worrying.

Honestly the key to most of my prompts, is that there really isn't a pose in mind! I know that might sound counterintuitive, but let me explain!

Let It Flow

No this isn't like the song... truly one of the main things I tell my couples is to just flow. Don't think "stand here and smile", let the session almost feel like you're not even getting photos taken and just have fun together! Be natural and yourselves - have small conversations, whisper in their ear to make them laugh, tickle each other, grab their chin and pull them in for a kiss. These moments are what's going to photograph the best and show the real moments of you two! I might give you little prompts to help, but after that I'll just snap away while you have your moment!

The Classics

While I typically prefer to let you two do what comes naturally, and document our session in more candid moments, I do know sometimes we need some of those classic poses to help get us started! My personal favorites that always work are the twirl, dip, and piggy back rides. These still give us a fun element to your photos, and is an easy prompt to follow if you're unsure where to start. Usually from here you'll find it flows naturally to then hug and kiss, laugh, spin around, and really start to feel it! Never be afraid to ask for certain poses either. If you have one of these - or more - in mind let me know! I am here to capture you, and you feeling comfortable will help us both achieve that.

The Walking "Pose"

Always a favorite, the walking photos! This one sometimes sounds intimidating for people, and I get that! When you're casually walking down the street you don't usually think about how you're walking or what it would look like photographed. The key to getting the perfectly casual is to actually walk more slowly than you normally would, and make sure to not look at the ground! Look at each other, your surroundings, or me! It can be tricky to walk and not look down, but it makes the photos look better and walking slow will make it easier!

Intimate Moments

Probably my top favorite prompts to give are anything that involves an intimate moment between couples, as those show so much of the love you share! This is usually the easiest prompt as most couples are used to kissing each other LOL. Usually after another prompt from above, I'll say to kiss or maybe grab your partners chin and pull them in. I've also found a popular one is the "teeth kiss"! Basically you go in for a kiss while smiling with your teeth, and get just close enough without touching. This one gives us a sweet moment, but then normally turns into laughing and other perfect shots!

Photoshoots shouldn't be a stressful or uncomfortable situation. If there's ever a pose or prompt you don't like or want, do not hesitate to let me (or whoever your photographer is) know!! Not everyone wants or likes the same things, and our time together should be spent showing the real you.

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