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Hannah S || Headshot Photography || Los Angeles, California Photography

Building your own business takes a lot of time and work, and no one knows that better than Hannah! Her new brand 'itty bit Better' is a small company who’s purpose is to make buildings an itty bit Better through Energy, Sustainability, and Healthy Space improvements. Itty bit Better does this through three avenues. The first is implementation through Hannah’s Mechanical and Engineering background and working with contractors, building owners, and home owners to create custom solutions. The second is to assist peers in sustainability to improve their process and calculation standardizations through Excel and Power BI. The third is to encourage and motivate others to make their building an itty bit Better through education and her tool store. Whether you are a home owner, building owner, or also in the Energy business, feel free to reach out to learn more about how itty bit Better can help you make your building an itty bit Better.

I love being able to help other brands build their business with my photography. Never underestimate the power a photo has, and what that little personal touch of yourself can bring to your company! Checkout Hannah's brand photos below ↓

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