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DyVaughn and Kevin || Engagement Photography || Long Beach, California Photography

Okay so I'm going to start this with the fact that I was SO nervous when I first got to this beach for the engagement session. This was my first time at this specific beach and when I got there it was crowded, loud, and smaller than I realized from online pictures. I started to panic, wondering if there were any other beaches close by and how would I even make that work last minute. I took a deep breath and told myself that I could do this. I do this for a living and I will make these photos beautiful no matter the circumstances.

I truly have never been more proud of myself than with this shoot! DyVaughn and Kevin brought their daughter, Victoria, for some photos as well. It was a blast working with them and really capturing this family and their love! DyVaughn and Kevin were not afraid to jump into the water, which made for some of the BEST pictures. They were so fun, friendly, and adventurous, and I loved capturing every moment with them.

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