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Celebrating New Life at the Griffith Observatory

One of the joys of being a photographer is getting to capture those special moments in peoples lives, the ones they'll look back on for years with fond memories. I love doing maternity photos for that reason! It was so great meeting Lexi and Eric and getting to do these photos for the start of their family. They were such troopers getting up for sunrise as to get the vacant and golden lit Griffith Observatory!

We had the perfect weather and morning, giving us the most wonderful lighting for this lovely couple. I loved how their outfits fit perfectly with our setting, giving such clean and fresh vibes to their photos. Soon though the sun popped up and we had one of the most beautiful sunrises I've seen! We had an outfit change to best match the golden sun, and wow do these photos just pop.

I'm just obsessed with this look! Waking up at 5am is DEFINITELY worth it for these shots! I always recommend this time of day when a couple wants a specific look, and the morning sun has yet to let me down. If you're looking for a dreamy golden session, I highly suggest sunrise.

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