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Best Southern California Locations for Engagement Photos

Let's be honest, now that you're engaged the main thoughts going through your head is probably not going to be about what your engagement photos are going to look like or where they'll take place. You're in the phase where everyone is either congratulating you, or asking you when the wedding is, and you're now realizing you have to get planning! It can feel overwhelming at times, and that's completely normal. When it comes to engagement photos, you probably want those images to celebrate, use them for 'Save the Date' invites, or maybe just because it's a good excuse to finally get professional photos done! My goal here is to make this one task easier for you, and let your mind focus on other aspects of planning your special day.

Are you and your fiancé more laid back and chill? Fun and adventurous? No matter how you'd describe yourselves, I'm confident that one of these locations is just the one for you. Your engagement session should scream YOU and show the love you both share. I feel this is one of the most important pre-wedding tasks you could do, which is why I include this session in ALL of my wedding packages! The best part? All my couples that book with me will receive a detailed guide on how to prep for the engagement session, what to wear, and free consultations for whatever questions you might have!

Now onto the locations -

01 Santa Monica Pier

Probably one of the most Southern California spots you can find! You can get the fun pier photos - ice cream, cotton candy, ferris wheel, and arcade games. Then go down to the beach for the most beautiful ocean photos! Which of course also include the pier, because what better backdrop than both the ocean AND the pier?! Whether you go for sunrise or sunset, you can get the most dreamy golden photos. My personal favorites are under the pier itself! Especially right as the sun is hitting the horizon, you'll get those strips of light coming through the pillars that really shine. I'd recommend if you don't care for the food or arcade photos, to go for sunrise as you'll see hardly anyone else on the beach!

02 Griffith Park Observatory

This spot has quickly become one of my TOP favorite spots in California, and for good reason. If you're up for an early morning, sunrise here is unlike any place else around! You'll beat the heat, crowds, and get the most beautiful sunrise views. Here you can get beautiful architecture, mountainous horizons, and the LA cityscape - which on a clear day shines brightly with the sun!

03 Malibu Beaches

Looking for the quintessential Southern California vibe for your engagement photos? Whether you're a local or just visiting, the beaches of Malibu is the place for you! Gorgeous rocky hills, sandy beaches, and the iconic West Coast sunset - truly couldn't ask for anything better! This is one of the best spots for adventurous couples who don't mind getting a little wet and hiking to get the best shots. Plus every angle gives you a different environment as your backdrop, meaning one location can feel like three!! My sessions allow two outfits so you can easily get a great mix for your photos.

04 Vasquez Rocks

If you're looking for a more desert environment for your photos, I always recommend Vasquez Rocks National Park! One of the most unique locations in Southern California, with the iconic rock formations seen in numerous movies and tv shows throughout the years.. Perfect location for the laid-back, relaxed couple who just like to vibe and enjoy nature! This location is rarely busy during the peak sunrise and sunset times - making it easy to get those *chefs kiss* wide shots. It's easy to explore so very little walking is involved - though be cautious with heels if you choose to wear those!

No matter which of these locations you choose - or one not mentioned - I guarantee timeless photos for you to cherish for years to come! Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have. I look forward to chatting with you!!

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