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Romantic Lovers Session at Point Dune in Malibu, California

Moving to Southern California was one of the best decisions I've made, and getting to go to the beach whenever I want is easily one of the top reasons why. One of my first trips out here before I moved, my then boyfriend (now fiancé woo!) took me to Point Dume in Malibu, and needless to say it quickly won me over! It was so fun experiencing the quintessential California beaches after growing up always seeing how cool they looked in movies and shows. It didn't take long to fall in love.

Since then those same beaches, and more, have become some of my FAVORITE shooting locations - especially for couples! You get a mix of ocean, sand, rocks, mountains, and greenery - all in the same spot. That's why when Ashlee and Ty were out here visiting from Savannah, Georgia, I knew it's where we had to do photos! It was also a huge honor, as anytime a fellow photographer wants me to do photos for them I feel so happy and lucky! Ashlee has been a mentor to me for years now, always believing in me and helping me succeed in this career. So it truly meant a lot to capture these photos for them!

One thing that's best to note about this particular spot, is you will be walking! It's not a hike, but if you want some of *those* views we're going to want to walk a bit uphill to get them - but trust me, it's worth it!

We started our journey closer to the ocean as we waited for the sun to set a bit more, and got some of my favorite shots by the lifeguard station! The weather was absolutely perfect for us, and I swear I keep thinking these look like stills from a cute summer movie!!

After that we started a little hike up the small mountain (or hill? idk how to classify these!) to get the good good shots. But who doesn't love some good walking photos?! Especially when they're real and you don't feel so awkward trying to walk "properly" LOL

Once we got to the top, it was just stunning. The overlook of the water and rocks will always be one of my favorites. Something about it just feels so calming. These two though, absolutely the BEST! They really just knew exactly how to have fun and be themselves, while still somehow looking perfect?! It was just so easy to capture them together, they flowed so easily and gave me all the best poses to work with.

Overall this is 100% one of my best sessions here and I couldn't have asked to do it with better people. Ashlee specifically wanted some photos overlooking the beach, and am I glad she did! It was a great way to showcase where we were, and get some of those creamy, warm photos that every golden hour session deserves. We then ended with some more walking photos since, well, we were walking down the hill anyway! I do love how it gave their gallery the perfect ending to what was definitely a perfect session.

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