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A Romantic Morning at Griffith Observatory

The views from the Griffith Observatory are so unique and some I've loved ever since I moved to Los Angeles. It's quickly become one of my favorite spots for couples - as long as they don't mind waking up for sunrise! It can become pretty crowed as this is one of the most popular tourist destinations, so sunrise is the best time to shoot so we can get those gorgeous wide shots without worrying about people in the background.

This engagement session was a golden hour dream, with a perfect sunrise shining on this adorable couple. I had a blast hanging out with Kaylee & Ken, who were sweet enough to bring me donuts on such an early morning! Kaylee's two dresses really complimented our location and she looked so beautiful. I love when couples bring second outfits. It helps give some diversity to one location and the photos stand out more.

Absolutely love this session and love reliving it to share here!

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