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Justin & Hannah || Burbank, California Surprise Engagement Photography || Disney Animation Studios

So I realized after my recent post that I never shared the photos of where it all came to place!! My friend created such an amazing plan to ask his girlfriend to marry him, which included one of the most magically places, the Walt Disney Animation Studios! I fell in love with the idea of touring this amazing place, seeing where the magic truly happens, and to see two of my amazing friends create some magic of their own! Please enjoy the photos I'm able to share, since sadly I can't share anything from the archives.

The archives were full of so many books and trinkets from across Disney's timeline and universe. It was one of the most incredible things I've been able to do, I'll admit mostly because they had a GONK droid from Star Wars. Though being there to support two truly beautiful people take another step in life together was the best part.

Lastly I couldn't help but share my favorite boy, Figment of the Imagination.

Congratulations once again Justin and Hannah, and may this magically place bring you luck and happiness for years to come!

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