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Justin & Hannah || Orange, California Engagement Photography || Watsons Soda Fountain & Cafe

Hi everyone! Haven't seen you guys in a while, sorry about that! Man oh man do I have an incredible shoot to share with you guys... Two of my friends recently got engaged and asked me to take their engagement, which in itself was exciting enough, but when they told me their idea I was THRILLED!! So, I'd like to take you all back a few years to one of the cutest dates I've ever seen.

After our adorable date at the soda shop we took a trip to the beach where our couple got nice and cosy watching the waves. Such an amazing day with such a lovely couple!

Our trip to the beach was so relaxing and beautiful. Afterwards our couples fantasy came to life, and we got some sweet shots during sunset showcasing their dreams. This was such a blast to photograph and I'm so happy for this amazing couple. Congrats guys, I hope all of your wildest dreams come true!

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